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Headshots In Manchester

Are you looking to update you profile with some reassuringly professional headshots?

Headshots in Manchester

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your portfolio? Whatever the reason, headshots serve many different purposes and, in some fields and industries are critical to your success. My corporate headshots and business portraits are shot to convey subtle confidence with a hint of approachability to the expression. Your business presence is more important than ever and every professional needs a captivating image to support their brand. Together we’ll team up to create a professional look that captures you at your best.

Your headshot often precedes you, meaning that I believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get quality headshots in Manchester from a professional photographer. If you’re on the fence about taking the plunge, here’s why I recommend investing in our services. 

One session with me will leave you with several photographs to choose from. These headshots can be repurposed and utilised on several documents, online profiles, and websites. I offer both digitised and print versions of your headshots, in turn allowing you to maximise your investment. The headshots I take are shot with longevity in mind and are therefore shot to last you for years to come.

Being a professional photographer isn’t about having the latest camera. A camera just like the latest model computer doesn’t function well without a person with knowledge and experience. In many instances, a professional photographer has one opportunity to get things right. You can never go back to yesterday.

Professional photography & studio portraits encompass developing an artistic eye for composition, lighting, and posing. In my portraits, you will look natural, relaxed, and confident my knowledge and experience enable me to photograph people in the most flattering way.

Headshots In Manchester
Professional Headshots Manchester
Erica Head shot
"If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view."
-Steve McCurry-

Clients and consumers are looking for authenticity in their business dealings these days. They want to see the humanity of the company they are working with. So it’s more important than ever to put across the right image of your staff and your company. Professional corporate headshots are paramount for greeting that crucial first impression, be that for your website or your LinkedIn page.

If you looking for some professional headshots in Manchester I can come to your office, with the necessary lighting and backdrops,   getting those professional headshots is also possible outside. Manchester city centre and its stunning architecture can offer a truly outstanding backdrop, even in the harshest of light there are always places to get some natural cover that provides softer light that’s certainly better than any fancy lighting or softbox can provide,

Headshots are commonly associated with careers in media, arts, and entertainment. Actresses and actors in theatre, TV or films are common clients for headshot photographers to take on. This of course makes sense, considering a lot of jobs in these fields are largely focused on appearance.

You want to showcase your best self, especially when dealing with job applications, and business networking or casting directors who are seeking a specific look for their project. Sometimes your headshot is the only opportunity you get to make an impression. When a potential job decision rests on a split-second reaction, it goes without saying that you should hire a competent team for the task.

My professional headshots in Manchester service have experience shooting countless people in the entertainment industry, thanks to the knowledge that only comes with real-world application, I know how to curate your headshots and make you feel completely at ease.

You can never go back to yesterday, professional headshots photography & studio portraits encompass developing an artistic eye for composition, lighting, and posing. In my portraits, you will look natural, relaxed, and confident. My knowledge and experience enable me to photograph you in the most flattering way.

When and if you require more than just a head have a look at the portraits page.  


After the session we edit the images in my signature style, using a subtle skin softener and grading the images in colour and black and white, resulting in high-quality photographic images suitable for use online as well as print.

Headshots in Manchester Steve Hope
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I am part of a Manchester artistic collective called Driftwood Studio where knowledge, skills, experience and resources are shared for the purpose of building a creative community.