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Fine Art and Print Shop

Fine Art And Print Shop

“The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.”

-Ansal Adams-

Fine Art

To me the best part of photography is getting the image developed onto paper, be that in the darkroom with film or printed from a digital file. I feel a photograph is not completed until I can finally hold it in my hands. I love the process of any post-production editing if the picture digital pictures. For me the best feeling comes from film, I develop my own 35 & 120mm film with a mixture of chemicals. Editing pictures is nothing new It’s been done in darkrooms since the advent of developing negatives onto photo paper.

Though you can not do all the fancy editing you can with software such as Lightroom the work that can be done in the darkroom allows you to bring added life to a photograph. The darkroom is where I use the enlarger to make different-size prints as well as do any dodging and burning areas of the print to bring more contrast.  My pictures are available and a variety of different paper stocks to bring out the best qualities in the image these include Giclee fine art papers such as Hahnemuhle and Pinnacle.  

The one area I’m most excited about is having some prints available to you as Platinum-Palladium prints, these elevate your print to a new level. Platinum/Palladium Printing was patented in the mid-1870s and has never gone away. It provides a soft image in multi-dimensional appearance and depending on your paper, developer and a few other items, you will get a beautiful brown to off-white appearance in your final product.

Due to the complexity of Platinum/Palladium printing, this is the only area that I do not do myself.  Platinum Palladium prints can not be printed on any paper, there are few varieties of paper available. The papers that I have chosen for these prints are Hahnemühle Platinum Rag and Arches Platine I feel these are more suited to my style of photography. 

Fine art Platinum palladium prints are unparalleled by any modern printing technique, both in appearance and performance. These prints are favoured by art collectors due to their longevity and appearance. The tonal range of platinum palladium prints is unmatched, even by modern digital inkjet printers. The final colour tonality can range from warm black to reddish brown, with a range of greys in the mid-tones.

Printed Pictures

I treat every print as if it is going to hang on the walls of my own home. Pictures up to A3+ (print size 13×19 Inch) are edited by myself and printed using a combination of Hahnemühle fine art paper and other high-quality photo papers.  On some prints, you will be provided with the option of different paper stocks. 

I use a Canon Pro-300 printer for all prints up to A3+ size this provides superior colour and monochrome printing quality. Due to it using 10 inks, this allows me to give you the easiest route to gallery quality results. As I also use Canon digital cameras the Pro-300 works seamlessly with EOS camera colour technology.

Did I mention that I love film photography, again all editing is done by myself and printed in the darkroom. As with the inkjet printed images, these are available in a variety of photo paper types.  Prints larger than A3+ are printed at a friend’s business in Manchester that has access to all the same papers I use but in a wider format.  

Fine Art picture of Manchester Cathedral
Fine Art picture of Manchester Cathedral

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I am part of a Manchester artistic collective called Driftwood Studio where knowledge, skills, experience and resources are shared for the purpose of building a creative community.