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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions

I get asked many questions about my service, and what is best to wear for my headshots or portraits, so I hope the sections below on frequently asked questions will answer most of these. However, if you still have any questions please feel free to call me or fill in the quick give me a call back form and I’ll call you right back. 

When do I receive my headshots/portraits?

Once our session is over within 1 – 3 working days I will send you a link to your personal online album. These photos will have had little or no editing done to them and will be watermarked. If you’re working to a specific deadline, please let me know prior to the shoot and I will do everything possible to get you your images in time.

What should I wear?

Something without too much pattern, so it does not distract from your face natural colours work well for most people. If you have something that is similar to your eye colour then bring that along too, it can help to make your eyes stand out more. Also, if you have brown eyes, grey or green usually works well.

Absolutely! Whether you want the simplicity of plain white or grey, a touch of colour from my range of Kate Backdrops papers, or one of my selection of hand-painted canvas backdrops, you can choose. Based on your skin and hair colouring, and your chosen wardrobe, I can advise on what works best for the mood you want to create. I can also create custom colours as needed for corporate branding.

Yes! At present I’m in the process of moving to a new studio, but this will not be open until June. So this is the most convenient option if you need headshots for your team or company. Let me know where you are based and how many people are in the team and I will give you quote.

Everyone is photogenic. When people don’t look good in photos it’s more to do with them being uncomfortable or nervous. I’ll guide you through the process to make sure you are relaxed, and you’ll find that you enjoy it. If we take a picture we don’t like, we’ll delete it! I shoot tethered to a laptop this allows you to look at the picture on a big screen instead of looking at the 3 inch screen on the back of my camera.

Most defiantly my on-location services can include group shots for an unlimited number of people. In my studio I can accommodate small groups only. Let me know what you need and ask for a quote.

No, I have spent a long time learning how to edit and developing my craft as a photographer. My editing style is specific to me and I must protect the quality of my work. When photos are shared with you they will be watermarked to stop people from sharing my unfinished work. You will, however, still be able to download all the images I share with you. I have enabled this feature for you to share the photos privately amongst friends and family to get their opinion on which photos you might have fully retouched.

The online album, which will be sent to you within three days after the session, will have a feature in which you can ‘favourite’ the photographs you wish to be fully retouched. The amount of fully retouched photos available in each session are clearly listen on my pricing page, however, if you wish to have extra edited photos then you will be charged per edit. The cost of each extra edit has been listed on my pricing page for headshots sessions. This price may be negotiated otherwise for portrait sessions.

Once you have chosen your final edits, you can send me an email letting me know you’ve made your final choices, confirming how many photos you have chosen to be edited. If you have specified that you want a certain amount of edits in this email and it doesn’t correlate with how many photos you have favourited on the online album then I will let you know before I go ahead with the edits in case you wish to amend this if mistakes have been made. Your final edits will then be uploaded onto your online album for your full use, without watermarks.

Retouching headshots is about quality control. Every tiny detail is assessed; if it is distracting, it gets removed. Temporary blemishes, stray eyebrows, cat hairs, etc, are all dealt with so that the focus remains on your expression. All images are optimised for brightness, colour and contrast.

Once you have chosen your final edits and I have confirmed them with you, I will then get these back to you within 2 – 3 working days and will send you an email when they are ready. They will be available on the same online album which your original photos are on.

If I’m taking the shoot at your office or on location I am available to take photos that work around your schedule. That includes weekends as I do not charge extra for these days.

I would prefer to payment to be made via bank transfer, to my business account. I am able to take card payments. If you would like more edits than have been agreed within the session fee then I can only accept this payment via bank transfer. Final edits will only be made available to you after you have made full payment for the session and any extra edits you may wish to purchase. All payments take place after our session.

No, I do not currently ask that you put down a deposit. Payments are made at the session I shoot tethered, this means my camera is connected via a cable to a laptop. This enables both you and I to look at the pictures and let me know if you like where we are at during the entire session.

If you need to cancel your session please let me know as soon as possible. You can do this by sending me an email directly, or using the contact form on my website. Portrait or headshots sessions can also be rescheduled but again, I would kindly ask for as much notice as possible if you wish to do so.

Yes, I currently have £2,000.000 of public liability insurance and that can be increased at any stage if required with on quick call to the insurance company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like me to give you a callback, please fill in the form and I’ll call you right back.

Frequently Asked Questions

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